Composition and Arrangement Class!

Group Class Time: Wednesday, July 15th, 6:30pm We want to hear your songs!  In this class led by Nick Terelle and Matt Murphy, we’ll be listening to your original songs as well as covers or arrangements of tunes you’ve worked on with your teachers.  Mr. Nick and Mr. Matt have three collective decades in composition and arranging and specialize in … Read More

So, you want to write a song?

“The whole point is just trying.” Sam Bodary has released two records and toured internationally with Hello Emerson. He’s a gem of the Columbus music world and ready to explore lyric writing and chord progressions with you! This series is open to students of any ability level. Each class is limited to just 5 people, so sign up soon! Register … Read More

We Invented a Holiday: Free Lessons Week

Free Lessons Week at Musicologie

Last fall we had a weekly Musicologie meeting that went something like this: “Hey I have an idea. What if we have a week where we offer free lessons for absolutely everyone?” “That’s crazy” “How much will it cost?” “Will people care?” “Can our scheduling software even do that?” “Why?” Well, it’s happening, and we’re calling it Free Lessons Week. … Read More

Five Years of Musicologie

Musicologie is five years old this month. We began in our humble Grandview space, with no recording studio, no blue doors, no signs, no computer, a worn concrete floor and two teachers: Kay and me. Now, five years later we’re still here and working hard with four locations, three recording studios and fifty teachers. The Why When we moved into … Read More

We’re Doing a Discount!

Musicologie Open House Promo

We rarely do discounts. I could write a whole blog post on why we don’t, but I’ll save that for later. Because right now, this month, we have a discount! We’re hosting three different open houses at Musicologie Dublin, Westerville, and brand new Lewis Center. It’s our first time doing this and to celebrate, lessons are $100/mo for the first … Read More