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Posts about running a multi-location teaching studio.

RE-OPENING: Musicologie’s Guidelines for In-Person Lessons

Wear a mask at musicologie

Below is a letter I wrote to Musicologie students back in May about our re-opening plans and how we’re working to stay safe as we restart some in-person lessons. Currently we are offering a limited schedule of in-person lessons. As time goes on and guidelines change, this post will be updated. Current Guidelines for In-Person Lessons The lobby will be … Read More

Musicologie Switches to Video Lessons

Today we are making the decision to temporarily change how we offer lessons. We think it’s important that we do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, so we are moving exclusively to video lessons. Lessons will no longer be at our studios. Instead, all lessons will be held via Zoom video call. Students should follow these steps to … Read More

We Invented a Holiday: Free Lessons Week

Free Lessons Week at Musicologie

Last fall we had a weekly Musicologie meeting that went something like this: “Hey I have an idea. What if we have a week where we offer free lessons for absolutely everyone?” “That’s crazy” “How much will it cost?” “Will people care?” “Can our scheduling software even do that?” “Why?” Well, it’s happening, and we’re calling it Free Lessons Week. … Read More

2019 Our Year in Review


2019 was a year of testing our ideas. Could we find and hire enough new teachers who shared our ideals? Did our new software provide a better experience for teachers and students? We made big management changes. Did they allow us to serve students more effectively? Could we replicate what we built in Grandview and Westerville again in Dublin and … Read More

Five Years of Musicologie

Musicologie is five years old this month. We began in our humble Grandview space, with no recording studio, no blue doors, no signs, no computer, a worn concrete floor and two teachers: Kay and me. Now, five years later we’re still here and working hard with four locations, three recording studios and fifty teachers. The Why When we moved into … Read More

Why (and How) Musicologie is Building New Teaching Studios

When my wife Kay and I started Musicologie in 2014, there was no career path for private music teachers. Sure, you could teach with a local studio, but pay was low, community and support were non-existent, and there was no upward mobility or security. So what did we do? We opened Musicologie. Musicologie’s Beginning Our goal was to build a … Read More

2018 Our Year in Review

2018 was a year of huge transitions. We basically spent the whole year reorganizing, spending money on lawyers, and learning how to be a multi-studio company. We opened a new studio, totally revamped our prices and policies, and switched software companies. We learned A LOT. And we stretched ourselves waaaay too thin. Kyle (our business partner) and I were both … Read More

2017 Year in Review

2017 was an exciting year for us and so we put together some numbers to share with you our first ever year in review. We hired 15 new teachers. We enrolled 393 new students. We taught 9735 lessons. We had 12 student concerts. We bought 6 new pianos. We provided 13 scholarships. We opened one new Musicologie.