Musicologie Lewis Center Pricing

Weekly 30-minute Lessons


  • Weekly one-one-one lesson time reserved with your teacher
  • Best for young beginners
  • Easy rescheduling with our app
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Top Questions About Pricing

Do I have to buy a whole month right away?

Nope. The first step is to do an assessment lesson to meet your teacher and develop a plan for your lessons. After the assessment, you can decide if you want to sign up for weekly lessons with your teacher. Your teacher will take your payment info and get you signed up and added to their schedule.

Is the first lesson free?

The first lesson is $38. If you don't love your teacher we'll refund your fee or match you with a teacher you DO love, no questions asked. Keep in mind that we don't charge any administrative or registration fees when you sign up. Other studios charge up to $45 per student just for registration.

How do your prices compare to others?

Our prices are similar to other studios and teachers. If you're comparing us to a studio that charges per lesson, our monthly rate is comparable to $81/hour, or $40.50/half hour. If you're shopping on price, consider this: your learning journey is likely to last years. A great teacher backed by a proven company is worth the investment and will help you achieve your goals faster. Our teachers are certified professionals with advanced degrees. When you sign up at Musicologie you have access to all of our 60+ teachers, with easy online scheduling and simple policies. You can count on us to deliver a great experience every single time.