Mercedes Aviles

Joseph Barker

Mercedes Avile Musicologie Violin Teacher

Mercedes began studying violin at age 8 after learning about the different string instruments during a school assembly – a surprise to her family considering there isn’t a musical bone in their lineage. After studying primarily classical music, Mercedes discovered her love for contemporary performance and moved to Boston where she received her Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Writing and Production from Berklee College of Music. During her time at Berklee she studied Jazz under Mimi Rabson, traditional Middle Eastern music under Simon Shaheen, and Contemporary/Pop under Mike Block.

After graduation she relocated to New York where she performed and managed projects for commercial advertisements with Antfood, a renowned music and sound design studio. She is a sought after studio musician and has recorded for local bands including Saintseneca, Mungbean, Montezuma, and international artist Charlotte Dos Santos. She also performs with the McConnell Arts Chamber Orchestra and holds looping workshops to discuss songwriting through the means of looping. Outside of teaching, Mercedes spends her time experimenting with various loop and effects pedals in a constant quest to create new textures and evolve her sound.