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Musicologie® is how music education should be. Take Ukulele Lessons in person at our Lewis Center studio or online with an expert Musicologie teacher. All ages and abilities.

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Hands down the best place to go if you want to take music lessons.




Hands down the best place to go if you want to take music lessons.
Musicologie Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele Lesson Basics

With its twee sound and simplicity, the ukulele is also an exciting instrument to learn. It’s even smaller than the guitar, making it good for little hands. It only has four strings, which means learning chords is a cinch. At Musicologie Lewis Center we have several ukulele teachers, including several guitar teachers who also teach the ukulele.

The Ukulele is Portable

You can take it with you anywhere. Grab a small, cheap uke and throw it in the back of your car for a road trip. Take it to the beach or a camp ground. Have an impromptu sign-a-long or show off to your friends on your front porch.

Play Any Song on the Uke With Four Chords

As Axis of Awesome proved, if you know a couple chords, you can pretty much play any pop or rock song you can think of. Learn just a few things and you can rock out all night long on the ukulele.

Musicologie has facilitated a fun and exciting outlet for me to challenge myself. I’m grateful for the opportunity to take guitar lessons from the best teacher I know!

-Adam, student since 2014,
guitar ensemble member

Ukulele Lessons For Beginners

Kids and Very Young Beginners

Because the guitar can be challenging for young students, we often recommend the ukulele for young students instead of the guitar. It’s smaller and easier to play, so young ukulele players can be successful right away. For those students we’ll use a combination of curricula and approaches to keep lessons fun and engaging. For older kids we’ll use more traditional curriculum like Alfred’s Kid’s Ukulele series.


You’d be surprised how many beginning adult students come to us for ukulele lessons: lots! The uke is fun and social, and a great way to get into music. If you’re an adult you probably have a specific idea of what you want to achieve. Maybe you want to learn a specific song. Or you might want to prepare for an open mic. If you aren’t sure, that’s fine too! We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Kyle is awesome! Thanks!! Ruth always feels good about herself and the lesson when she leaves.

-Hope, Musicologie mom since 2016

Ukulele Lessons for Advanced Players

If you’re an advanced player, you know your problem areas, you know what you need to work on. You need someone who has been there before and can help you get past your plateau. Most intermediate and advanced players who come to us need help with theory and note reading. They might be preparing for an important audition or performance. We’ve prepared for those same auditions and performances and know exactly how to help.


Meet our students

Many of our students are young beginners, but we also have students attending Berkelee, adult who are just starting out, and semi-pro players honing their chops.

Stephanie plays guitar at the Musicologie concert

Stephanie has been taking lessons since 2016. She’s playing in our guitar ensemble and is working toward playing open mics.

Sara at the Musicologie Kid's Concert

Sara has been taking lessons since she was five.
She’s breezed through three lesson books and is learning Roar

How ukulele lessons work at Musicologie

1. Introduce Yourself

Fill out our form so we can get to know you and what your goals are

2. Do an Assessment

We’ll match you with a teacher who will best help you succeed

3. Attend Lessons

Get good! Sign up for weekly lessons and work your butt off!



Guitar, Uke and Bass Teachers

Your teacher is the bedrock of your lessons and we pride ourselves on finding that perfect fit. Musicologie guitar teachers have diverse backgrounds and specialized skills. Get to know a few:


Join hundreds of other guitar students – young and old, beginners and pros


Photo: Kids Recital 2016