We Invented a Holiday: Free Lessons Week

Free Lessons Week at Musicologie
About the Author

Joseph Barker

Joseph is co-founder of Musicologie.

Last fall we had a weekly Musicologie meeting that went something like this:

“Hey I have an idea. What if we have a week where we offer free lessons for absolutely everyone?”

“That’s crazy”

“How much will it cost?”

“Will people care?”

“Can our scheduling software even do that?”


Well, it’s happening, and we’re calling it Free Lessons Week. We’re offering free one-on-one lessons to absolutely anyone. Just download our app, click the free lessons tab and book.

We didn’t answer all the questions we had at that first meeting, but we did answer the why: We believe music is a great and positive force for good. Everyone should experience it. You don’t have to be a pro, you don’t have to have talent. Free Lessons Week is our way of sharing music with everyone in a simple, easy way.

Participation is already way above all our expectations. New students have scheduled TRIPLE the number of lessons that we projected. This is amazing. It means there’s a need and desire for more music education for more people.

Go to FreeLessonsWeek.com for more info and to sign up for free lessons yourself. Enjoy the week, and see you right here for an even bigger and better Free Lessons Week in 2021!

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